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A  limited amount of scholarships will be available. It is important that scholarships are awarded to those who are in true need, not to those who are just hoping to reduce the cost of their ticket.

If you are truly in need of a financial scholarship to attend the Disneyland Grad Nite Celebration, we would like to see you attend if at all possible.

Please complete your registration packet and submit to the Grad Nite Registrar as soon as possible. (Instructions can be found in the registration packet and on this website.)

Earlier is better, since the date verified by the registrar may determine eligibility and the base price if we are only able to offer a partial scholarships. Your verified paperwork “officially” adds you to the list of requests.

Check your packet *multiple* times to make sure everything is completed and signed.


  1. Complete the online registration.
  2. WRITE at the top of the first sheet of your packet,“Scholarship Requested”.
  3. Submit your complete registration packet, minus the payment, to our Registrar.

The fastest way to submit your paperwork is to drop the stapled, completed packet in the Mickey box in the office.

Once your registration packet has been received and verified, our registrar will send the student and the parent a confirmation email confirming receipt of the completed packet.

Your name will not appear on the Look Who’s Going page of our website until the scholarships are awarded around end of March.

As we get closer to the final registration date,  we will know how much money we have available for scholarships and whether we can offer full or partial assistance.

The date your registration is received and verified will be the base price you would pay if we are only able to offer a partial scholarship.  Also the date might determine eligibility and your position in signing up for the bus of your choice.