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Register, Pay, Print

Registration must be completed online by following these steps. 

  1. Complete online forms.
  2. Print forms and sign as required. 
  3. Staple signed forms with check or PayPal receipt. 
  4. Submit to the Grad Nite registrar.

Payment options: (until February 15, 2018 or all buses full – whichever comes first)

1. PayPal using the Grad Nite PayPal button below (We are not able to accept PayPal monies sent to our Grad Nite email account).  Additional PayPal fees will apply

2. Check payable to Mission Possible Grad Night Committee. Student name and student ID number must be written on the check. Fees will be charged for any returned checks.

Completed registration packets (signed forms and payment) can be dropped off at the 12th Grade Attendance Clerk’s desk in the Mickey Mouse box or mailed to:

Mission Possible Grad Night Committee
Attn: Registrar
41717 Palm Avenue
Fremont, CA   94539

Before registering, check your calendars to avoid conflicts with college graduations and other family events.

The non-refundable cost of the trip includes transportation on chartered coach buses, and a Park Hopper® ticket valid for June 15, 2018The cost of the trip does not include food and beverages.

Some Scholarships will be available to those who require financial assistance.

Early Registration
Through February 15, 2018
Regular Pricing
until April 1, 2018 or all buses full


Registration Form & Payment (PayPal receipt or check)

☑ All information completed including Student ID #

☑  Signed by Parent/Guardian

☑  Signed by Student

MSJHS 2018 Disneyland Grad Nite Permission Slip

☑ Signed by Parent/Guardian

☑ Signed by Student

MSJHS 2018 Disneyland Grad Nite Parent/Guardian’s Approval and Student Waiver

☑ Signed by Parent/Guardian if Student is under 18

☑ Signed by Student if 18 or older on event date

Special Needs and/or Medication Form

If applicable, includes over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Thanks for your patience as you register.

If you have already registered on this site, you can login here.

  1. Register 

    Please have your health insurance information available to fill out this form.

  2. Pay

    Skip this step if you will be paying by check. You will need a PayPal account to pay for your registration online.

  3. Print Forms

    Please print and sign these forms, and turn them into the MSJHS office.

  4. Print Special Needs Form

    If you have special needs for the trip (prescription and over-the-counter medications), fill out and print this form.